30 Apr Influence

Personally, I’ve never come across anyone of influence that actually refers to themselves as an influencer. Apparently I’m a bit of a dick when I say such things out loud, but that’s how I feel.

My issue is the title, not the activity. I can’t accept the title… Perhaps I’m dramatic. In an age where social media has become big business, the influencer model is a big deal. How do you gage it though? If I don’t have a lot of followers, am I not influential? Does popularity equate to influence? Do brands really dig deep enough?

Here’s a thought, imagine you had a really great cause and you pleaded to your followers to each give you R1 towards the cause. Think of how many followers you have… Could you raise the fiscal equivalent?

Now obviously some are blessed with a high income network and can probably get that amount from a few sources, but imagine if you didn’t have that network and it was between you and your followers? Tricky.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve even made this a topic, well it’s part of the reason why I have launched my personal website. I tweet a shit load and I’m often told that I give away info for free and influencers shouldn’t do that.

I’m no influencer, however I do agree that I should control my content and those who are interested in my take on things, should get a lot more than 140 character threads.

The site is a giant leap for me, it’s really a showcase of how comfortable I am in life right now. Comfortable with my process and still willing to share the stories. The crux of the site is that it’s about what I find cool and my odd opinion on everything under the sun. Not here to upset anyone, but by all means… Let’s debate.

I love food, wine, music, art, fashion, sport, film, being groomed, sex, etc. I go through shit, I’m constantly figuring myself out and I have these light bulb moments that I get to share as my therapy.

This isn’t an influencer blog… This is my therapy. This is Tibz experiencing life and I pray that it has some sort of positive influence in your life.

Thanks for logging on… Hope you’ll be back.

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