2016 was different. It started better than most years, I got out of the blocks very early and I maintained my pace.

I took the entire year to go about a personal rebrand. Lost some weight, got all of my suits altered, focused on my grooming and above all… I focused on the business of Tibz.

We launched this site in May, we created concepts such as #CafeTibz and we made #TeamtalkwithTibz a big deal. Basically, many of the strategies for we’ve created for other people in the past… we kept them in-house and it worked.

On a personal level, I was to be married in 2016. Those changes from being engaged to single, definitely affected business positively. This is by no means a diss, just an observation of myself… I’ve always been a bit of a bully in business and I think I’d become a tad soft. I got back to winning ways because knocking out targets became my only focus.

Above all, I respect the sanctity of marriage and family and I was honestly not ready… it beats divorce.

In 2016, The Motsoane Group came into fruition. Under the group we have Showlove, our clients and the various work and events we do for them. Under Showlove we also have our digital platforms such as our websites and all our music publishing.

We have #TeamtalkwithTibz which is aimed at mentorship, public speaking and workshops and stems from my radio segment on Touch Central.

We have AuGold Vodka which we went to market with in the second half on 2016. We have Lavo Wines which we held back and went back to the drawing board for, but are good to go again.

We have Homage which is our NGO component and we have #CafeTibz which will stand on its own as a brand and not just an event.

All of this, is a drop in the ocean. It seems like a lot but the group is about being organized and about opportunities. We are building brick by brick and working on legacy.

Wishing all a great 2017, believe in yourselves and do not waste time.