Always Learning


Lately I’ve been enjoying the people around me more. It’s been an interesting revelation that sometimes it’s not about meeting new people, but learning more about the people around you.

I’ve realized that I’m surrounded by hilarious and intelligent people and never really noticed because I never switched up my environment. If we only chill in VIP areas, that’s all we know.

When we break bread, braai, brainstorm, communicate more about things that don’t involve partying… We discover so much. Now suddenly you realize you’ve got a contact and ally that has always been nearby.

I’m enjoying learning more about myself through people. I’m laughing more, I have better answers to interesting questions… I’m relaxed. There’s no show, I do what I want for myself and not to be the cool guy… Which is pretty cool.

Loving my new approach… Thanks to those helping me learn more about me.

All love