Back To School


So what did we learn? What did we unlearn? What did we think we understood and what do we still not understand(other than the opposite sex)?

You know how this time of the year goes… “new year, new me!”… “leaving all the baggage behind!”. There’s always these negative undertones that are linked to the new year’s goals. There seems to be so much to prove. Humans have to show other humans.

What positive things are you taking into the new year? What will you continue doing because it worked?

I’m definitely gonna continue to compete with myself. I want to make more money than I made last year, but I’m not interested in making money than anyone else.

I want to look amazing in my suits, so the work is in the gym and the kitchen. I want to cook everyday and be a master… I want to continue to figure out how to earn from the things I enjoy. I want to be paid to play.

I’m going to continue trusting my gut and instincts. I know what’s good for me and that’s what I’ll focus on. As corny as it sounds… I want to continue being happy, everything else is easy.

2017 and I’m back to school naysayers. I’m going to exceed my expectations and not theirs. I’m going to make family and friends proud and I’m going to continue to applaud dope shit.

All love