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Be Cool

So I’m the self ordained, “Chief of Cool”. Many laugh when they see it on my business card or email signature, but they also get it.


I’m in the business of making things cool, or rather convincing you that something is cool enough for you to spend your hard earned money on it. In order to do that, I have to do it in a cool way.


The toughest thing in the entertainment business, is balance. Knowing when to show your face at functions and understating the power you have if people are wondering where you are when you choose not to RSVP.


I’m often amused when I get to a gig and I didn’t call ahead but I pay at the door. People always look at me like I’m crazy, but that’s my power… If your event has brought me out of my homely comforts, then surely I can give you R100. That’s cool.


Having said this, sometimes you have to skip the line and get escorted by security to your table. There’s power in this too. An organized man always makes a statement, let’s not even lie… I look cool.


Being cool isn’t about outdoing anyone in my opinion, it’s about the comfort you have in your space. So if you came to pay, that’s cool and if you’ve booked a table… That’s cool. You aren’t cool if you get to the door and have a long story or harass door ladies. You aren’t cool if you’re trying to impose your drinks on someone else’s table and making everyone uncomfortable. Be cool.


Being cool is about composure, how you carry yourself, knowing when to shut up. This affects you in business and entertainment… The cooler head will always be the most intriguing and get all the attention that others crave.


Cool people also have no fear of the cool in others. It’s by no means intimidating, let’s just all be cool.

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Credit: Austin Malema