Birthday Month


Birthday months often come across as us hoping to get a lot of attention. Who came up with the concept of celebrating a birthday for an entire month? Tricky question over here at Showlove, I’m essentially in business because of my birthday parties when I was younger and I’ve assisted many with theirs through the years.

So I’m a year older on the 24th and so is Showlove. Before we go on ‘tour’, this is always a reflective period for me. I have a simple mantra before I pitch or have to do some work, “you got here… Now get there”.

I’m extremely proud of myself, even prouder of my team. Our resilience through Showlove’s 9 years hasn’t been easy… We’ve been counted out many times. 2016 is already our greatest year as a business… 2015 was our toughest. We are still here.

As a man, I’ve been through plenty. I’ve had many come and go in my life and I’m sure that will continue. I pride myself on always being fair and always doing the work. We live to love and laugh and that often comes with sacrifice… Including sacrificing people. The tough decisions are for leaders… No matter the repercussions. Happy to continue on this path.

A happy women’s month to our queens. May you be celebrated and protected, but may you also be better to each other. Women who applaud each other, definitely motivate me. Showlove will play its part this month in spoiling you too.

Thank you to all those who still cheer even when I have a bad game. We about to take another summer.

All love