Busy Week


So much can happen in a week. Last week I had my first CafeTibz and it was amazing. Since then I’ve had meetings with potential partners and it’s amazing how the age old theory of,”build it and they will come.” rings true.

I’m really in awe of how many people came and paid… thank you. Some couldn’t make it but I know they’ll make a plan next time. Like with all things in entertainment, many feel offended that they didn’t receive personal invites. This is business, let’s be fair… if my products aren’t worth your money, then I’ll work harder, but let’s be fair.

In the same week I sat on a panel and gave a talk at Museum Africa on digital trends and opportunities. It’s amazing that we now sit on such panels and give our two cents.

Kids have such intricate questions, many doubt themselves but there’s always the one kid whose hunger is so clear. I often realize that we have to stay sharp and keep adding tools. We are merely targets for the kids to surpass.

Love to Until Until for killing the Braam Beach Party. Through the rain, the people stayed. Salut

All love