We’re all in competition. Who has the flyest gear, hottest bae, most money, sickest car, hottest events… Who’s really doing it best.

Through the years my views on competition have been well documented. I’ve been the bully, I’ve been the dude that’s quick to counter and I’ve stirred up my fair share of trouble.

As an older dude in my game, I remain competitive… But how? There’s a careful balance when being refined, because you can often be viewed as timid. I’m never timid… I just no have to be a bully on the open field.

It’s a simple approach, you can’t be a general if you’ve never been a soldier. In the same breath you can’t compete if you aren’t armed with heavy artillery. Now this sounds aggressive and violent, but my point is… I’ve been in many battles and I’m still here. I play the game differently now. I’m not the dude that’s gonna do 5 000 plus patrons anymore, but I’m the dude that’s gonna ensure that you earn in a multifaceted way from your patrons. I’m the strategy… I’m the Art of War student.

Competition means we all keep each other sharp. We don’t allow each other to slack and if I win today, it doesn’t mean you can’t win tomorrow.

Competition is also how we keep corporate honest. The more we build each other in a healthy way, the more they have to send those budgets in our direction.

So let’s keep competing, let’s see who has the hottest concepts and dopest music so we can live these street dreams of ours.

Don’t be afraid to compete.