Coobs with the homie


It’s rare for me to have absolutely no knowledge of a Johannesburg restaurant. If I haven’t been there myself, usually someone has told me about it or I’ve read up on it.


My homie, Siya Beyile recommended Coobs in Parkhurst over the weekend and I have to thank him. Firstly a long lunch in Parkhurst is something that’s always going to be my vibe. Secondly, finding a place that’s chilled, non-pretentious and still serves excellent food is always awesome.


The Coobs menu will have you wanting to try everything, so perhaps dine there in a group of people who enjoy sharing.


Siya had the chicken liver starter and I chose a shellfish mix. We both went with the pork belly mains, lots of onion rings and extra creamed spinach.


Perfect meal, well thought out portions and excellent service. Check it out on 4th Avenue. Thank me later