Life can be challenging. Obstacles in relationships, work, family and so much more can get in the way of actually having a stress free life and discovering your truthful purpose.

I’m a mom to an 11-year old little girl. I’m a boss to employees. I am the head of my household. So basically in every area of my life I am the boss. Sounds great hey, but sometimes even the boss needs a break.

“I don’t have time”. How many times have you heard or said this to yourself and others? Time is a tricky thing. Have you noticed you always say you don’t Have time but make time for the things you want?

I recently went through a period where I was losing focus of so many things because I wasn’t making time for the right things. Focusing on a million different things at once will ensure nothing gets done at all. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it, because I have so many people relying on me, I couldn’t let anyone down. I realized after a while though that I wasn’t any good to anyone if I couldn’t give my time effectively.

I had a good ‘heart to heart’ session with a good friend and he sat and let me ramble on about what I was feeling and dealing with. The first thing he asked me was “do you have time to get away”. The first thought that crossed my mind was ‘NO’! Then he explained to me that I was forgetting to live. I was forgetting to appreciate everything I had worked for and everything I have. I felt like because I owned the business I could never leave it. I could never really go on holiday or take time out without checking into the office, because how would anyone function without me?! Time off for me had gotten to the point that all it meant was a chance to catch up on emails and work.

I went home after that talk and realized I wasn’t living for me. I’ve almost given up on my hobbies, my interests, the things I enjoy, because I’ve forgotten how to live for me, but ensured everyone else was ok… I’ve spent 8 years building a business but not enjoying any of the benefits of that business.

I was warned about this situation when I started my own business, but in all honesty never took it seriously. I couldn’t even comprehend I’d be that busy I couldn’t get time off. It was such a distant concept for me at the time.

I see this very situation happening to our younger generation now. They’re so busy ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ they’ve forgotten to live their own lives. They’ve forgotten that being a size 12 doesn’t make you fat and you don’t need to kill yourself at the gym to fit into ‘the norm’. They’ve forgotten to pray and hope that posting versing of the Bible, Quaran or Torah on social media will equate to speaking to God at Church, Mosque or the Temple. They’ve forgotten that the meaning of friendship means loving people like your family, not what benefits they come with.

It’s insane to think I have to learn how to enjoy my life away from work. With the short time we get on this earth, we as people would think we’d want to cram every bit of happiness into the day. Our focus gets fixated on money, material items, family problems and ‘living our best lives’, but we work so hard to achieve things that can be broken, taken away from us and when we die, never taken with us.

We need to focus on the stuff that will live with us eternally, a legacy, good karma, happiness and a place in heaven.

I’ve made a promise to myself now, that ‘me time’, my daughter, helping my family & friends and traveling are my focal points for ‘living my best life’. I don’t want to grow older wishing and wanting a different life, I just want to live my truth. The truth that allows me my heart to feel amazing every day!