Fashion Week


Fashion Week is always interesting. It’s like a hub of egos where we all get to openly comment on each other’s outfits and all scramble for front row seats.

Truth is, Fashion Week is like an Expo of sorts… It’s all business and if you’ve been left outside, it’s a great time to reassess if you consider this your game.

As always I love the dress up, I love the free flowing drinks and canapés and I love to look at beautiful people. Above all, I come here to learn… I see Edith Venter on her walkie talky all day, I see editors scrambling to sit next to Patrice and Dr.Motsepe. I see the brands that get to brand and have exclusivity at the bars. It’s a pretty workshop.

As a fan of craft, I’m witnessing people coming into their own. Proud of my young brother Siya Beyile and the Threaded Man Experience. I hope to be front row soon when you give the world your own fashion week.

All love