Get paid to play


“Yo Tibz, what do you actually do?”… I’ve been answering this question for a decade now. Used to annoy me, but truthfully… it’s the best thing. People shouldn’t be able to put you in a box, you should be able to do many things.

Now when I say do many things, I don’t just mean your career or revenue streams… I mean your life experiences too. 

This weekend in Cape Town was huge, all the JHB party animals made their way down to the groove and it was beautiful. The “what are you doing here?” questions were prevalent. I was here to soak it all in, to learn, to network and to build. 

Spent most of my weekend with my homie Sir Vince(number 1 song on Yfm Top 40, Nirvana) and we hit the hood, did a recce, ate the best meat and planned our mission for the hoods that made us.

We touched Shimmy Beach, had a blast, took care of clients, saw old friends and showed our African associates some South African hospitality.

Our African brothers returned the favour and had us on a yacht to soak in a different vibe and for us to have our meeting about our African mission.

I linked up with my Cape Town people to finally experience Burger and Lobster. Great laughs, good to know my people are doing good.

I took the time to myself as always for the solo dine and had a mean steak at Manhattan followed by an evening stroll with a Dominican cigar.

I’m up really early and today is day one of my new relationship with Woolworths. I’m still in Cape Town having a coffee before I workout and I’m truly grateful. I move how I move, I never stop networking, I’m eager to continue learning and my life is all the content that I need.

Believe in yourselves. Move the crowd and don’t move with the crowd, never stop networking and always bring something to the table.