Hip-Hop and the GQ’s


I remember a few years ago catching a lot of heat when AKA made the Top 10 list of the GQ’s. The fashion purists definitely weren’t happy, however the business of publishing and advertising certainly had more vision.

Hip-hop’s influence was certainly undeniable to me then and I also believe it has been the spring board for the current influencer model that we all have a love-hate relationship with. Think about it though, where do the influencers hang, what are they listening to, whose slang are they using… hip-hop is the catalyst.

Last night the editor of GQ gave somewhat of an ode to hip-hop. This is after an issue with AKA on the cover and a top 10 Best Dressed list that includes Cassper Nyovest in it. As much as I appreciated it, it made me wonder if it’s enough. Other than myself, only people I saw from the hip-hop space were; Solo, Dash, Da Les, Proverb and a few promoters. But where was Riky Rick? No one made more iconic fashion statements than Riky this year. I believe he should be top of the list and should have the cover. 

Thank you to the GQ’s for the effort, but we’ve been doing this for years and we’re gonna do more. If you really want hip-hop’s influence, then get us in a room and let’s really have a conversation… there’s mutual benefit here.

Thank you you for having me on your list again… much appreciated.

All love.