HP making it easy


I’d be lying if I ever said that I’m the most techno savvy guy… I’m so far from it. Through the years I’ve used many machines to do my work and I’ve always chosen the ones that make my life and business simple.  

HP was initiallly a brand that got my interest because they endorsed Jay Z. Away from the cool factor, I figured one of my idols wouldn’t allow himself to be associated with a brand he didn’t use or believe in.

In May, my old laptop crashed and I decided to try out an HP Spectre. I had just launched this blog and I needed something I could use at home, the office and on the run.

Now of course it has all the cool nerdy things that you guys know about such as; being a x360 convertible laptop, extremely light, touch screen and crazy memory… I’m just glad that it works and I get a lot of attention when I pull it out.

It’s really made my life easy, that’s all I really need.

All love