I love her style


Firstly, love to the photographers, boyfriends and husbands who are responsible for most OOTDs… We know our place.

Thank you to the ladies who keep us men sharp. The effort that you put into looking amazing for yourselves and for us… We appreciate you.

Much love to all ladies out there, thought I’d show some love to a few of you who always impress me. This isn’t a top 10… This also is in no particular order. Just love. Love of the dress ups and the everyday street style.

I love her style…

All photo credits are on each lady’s handle;

Cassandra Twala(cassmiat)

Aisha Baker Parnell(bakedtheblog)

Mihlali Ndamase(mihlali_n)

Keagan Kingsley Carlin(keagankingsley)

Melody Molale(ilovemelmo)

Keabe Mautla(kiabe)

Anelisa Mangcu(anelisamangcu)

Vanessa Matsena(Vanessamatsena)

Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow(kennyjmw)

Thithi Nteta(teeteeiswithme