IIIRD Citizen – Cinderella Campaign

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Good morning Tebello,

I appreciate your initial interest in this project; your engagement is invaluable to a small campaign such as this one.
A little background info to contextualise my involvement, my mother is from the township of Atteridgeville in Tshwane. She left at 18 to pursue an education at UCT, later receiving a fellowship to Harvard where she met my father, an American journalist who later followed her back to South Africa as an apartheid media activist.
Though my family has been fortunate to live in various countries around the world, my mother has maintained a strong tie to her family who remained, and to the community who supported them and her in her absence.
In my grade 11 year at Crawford Sandton, the year after we moved back to SA from London, a friend of my cousin’s asked to wear a dress of mine to her matric dance, and my mother immediately identified an opportunity to affect small, yet meaningful change in her community. She organised a drive in which young women and girls from affluent Johannesburg schools and universities could donate their previously worn dresses, bags and shoes to a showroom style ‘shopping’ event for the girls of my cousin’s high-school to come and pick out an evening wear look for their matric dance.
This year, since I have recently completed my Masters in Fashion Studies here in New York, the success of my blog has given me the platform to support her initiative and rally what little social media following I have, behind her cause, extending the campaign beyond just one class of matrics, but to several schools in the area. I have attached to this mail the flyer which explains drop-off deadline and location (the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund where she is currently responsible for the fundraising of the hospital under construction), both our contact details and the suggested donations.
I hope this has been informative, and look forward to your feedback.
Thanks again for your interest,