Learn from everyone


After high school, I spent a great deal of my time commuting. What I remember the most was how everyday I was learning from strangers in a taxi and watching the world around me… People are very honest when they don’t know you’re driving.

For numerous reasons, I’ve taken a break from driving again. I walk more and utilize Uber and Taxify when necessary. It’s opened up my mind so much again. I’m seeing the world again as opposed to rushing to meetings and getting upset in traffic.
Last week my Taxify ride introduced me to Bab’ Jeff. I stepped in his vehicle in a foul mood, I think he could tell. Bab’Jeff however said, “whatever it is, she’s right… Say sorry and live a peaceful life.”
This amused me as my issue wasn’t a matter of the heart. I appreciated the banter and greeted Bab’Jeff with the respect he deserves.
He had so many questions for me on our trip, but also told me the greatest story. He came to JHB and worked as a gardener. His ‘boss’ then had him also work as a caretaker at his operation. He began washing cars there for extra cash. Eventually had to hire more gents to wash more cars and created a business.
His ‘boss’ died and the wife sold the business. He took what he had and convinced the ladies that sell food by offices to let him wash cars there… Both businesses boomed.
Years later, he has many businesses, 6 cars in Taxify and drives one of the car once a week simply to stay ‘in touch’ with the ‘real’ world.
Bra’ Jeff is new in my life, but already a mentor… His openness with me, sparked our new relationship… I’m blessed.
The world has a lesson from all those in it. Let’s be open and let’s learn from each other.
All love