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I’m literally writing this on a flight to Durban. I’m headed to crazy Durban July weekend, comfy in Business Class,sipping my bubbly(cool clients) and I’m feeling reflective.

I love how fun my work is, despite the heavy grind behind the scenes, but I no longer go to these crazy weekends if it’s only fun… I’d rather go on an actual holiday.

I used to do this weekend as a road manager to the biggest star in the game, as someone’s partner and now I do it in my own capacity and that’s crazy for me.

I consider myself a point guard on and off the court, I love watching others shine and it’s a bit weird for me when the spotlight is all mine. Having said that, it makes me both proud and weary.

I take a look at who was with me this time last year, who’s no longer here and why. I ask myself if I’m better or worse; as a man and a businessman. I always question who’s loyal. The irony of that question, is that loyalty shouldn’t be questioned, but truthfully… It’s only showcased when it’s tested.

I appreciate the people in my life who don’t whither when I have a bad game and don’t whisper with other. Hope they know that my loyalty to them is never to be questioned.

Time for a great working weekend.

All love