More Chess


Second quarter officially underway, winter looms and one reflects as always.

As an observer, 2017 has been fun to watch. It feels like the early days of the hustle… The energy and creativity. The confidence and bravo… The influence.

I find myself spending very little time in the office, plugging in at Starbucks, abusing their WiFi while listening to beats all day, having conversations with strangers and learning more about people and myself.

Of course there’s plenty happening; events, parties, fashion week, major moves in media, tough political climate and one has to partake and adjust. This is that time in the year when people who were hot last year, often disappear. Brands/clients relook relationships and often creatives may have to pitch again or move on entirely.

How does one survive? Well more chess. More strategy, more blind siding… Better execution. Cooler shit is the ultimate chess right now. Cooler shit might not mean that everyone gets it, but you get to play the game your way. Those who buy in, move with you and that’s cool shit.

The real chess right now is bringing the corporates to you and understanding your value to them. Are you a taste maker? Do your followers believe you? Do you actually have a following?

Understanding your position in the game is key to playing it and thriving in it. Don’t stress about the moves of others, stick to your plan and execute your strategy. 

Back yourself

All love.