Moving On


I guess I understand, but the concept of “moving on” seems really dramatic to me. Perhaps it’s because this is something difficult for a lot of people.

We find it difficult to move on post break-ups, from bad friendships/relations, from a dying business and from our bad habits. I don’t really view it as moving on, but rather as carrying on. We have to carry on because life carries on. The shit doesn’t stop no matter what your situation is.

Many times in my life I’ve had to regroup, reassess and carry on. You spend so much time dwelling and even more time letting your ego dictate. When I walk away from things/situations now, it’s not only good for myself… But good for others too.

When building businesses, your soul breaks when you see your business suffering. I’ve also learned that the ego won’t let you accept that this particular business is crippling you… You have to move on.

When you’re in love and the love can no longer carry you, your ego won’t let you see this person without you in the world. Kill your ego, move on peacefully and don’t ruin each other for others. You’ll be fine.

You know you’ve got that person in your life who’s always there party time, but never there when you need a real life conversation in the week. Your ego is carried by the selfies and and snapchats, but that person doesn’t even know you. You have to be cool by yourself and move on by yourself. Be your own best friend.

While attempting to move on and carry on with your life, there will be constant opinion of your moves. That’s not your problem. Remember those people have their own egos to kill and own moving on to do.

They have to kill their own bad habits and have better understanding of themselves. You can’t do that for them.

So make some decisions, think about where you wish to be in the next two years. Will your current decisions and moves get you there? Are the people in your life adding value to that decision? Will they assist in getting you there?

Never forget to kill your ego and take a hard look at yourself. Are you good for your people? Are you good for business? Do they need to move on from you?

All love