My Comment


I’m often tagged and requested to comments on matters relating to my exes, former business partners, talent I used to manage, etc.

I’ve always stated that it’s smarter to have no comment and that I’ll never give the game away on social media. If it’s on social media, I’m rarely the first to know… investigating genuinely doesn’t interest me.

AKA and I have been earning our keep separately for years now. That hasn’t affected our relationship in a negative way, we simply have our own lives.

I relinquished my shares in Vth Season roughly 4 to 5 years ago. I chose my own direction and to get back to focusing on Showlove, my other ventures and my personal brand. This isn’t dramatic… this is business.

I’m unaware of the current situation with AKA and Vth Season… it’s literally none of my business.

All love