No regrets… Just lessons


I’ve become a sponge of positive energy again. I’ve been told that I’m smiling more and it’s true. Truthfully, there’s plenty to smile about… My health is good, family happy, friends doing well and business keeping me more creative than ever.

There’ve been many changes in my life over the last year, things should be different. I have absolutely no regrets, my experiences have made me stronger and more open… and now more reason to smile.

Corny shit aside, I’m happy for everybody that’s killing the game and those who’ll be killing it soon enough. Stay focused, be happy for others and never give up.

Love to the brands that trust me and Showlove. This summer will be one of innovation… We are the ‘creators of cool’.

Love to those who cheer me on even when I’m having a bad game… I appreciate you.

Love to those who keep hoping I’ll fall off… Stay motivated.

All love