Roast Cafe Team Talks


I’m less than a week away from my first CafeTibz exclusive dine. I’m learning so much about the business of dining, cooking at levels I didn’t know I had and learning a lot about myself.

I really appreciate those who’ve already purchased tickets… I can’t wait to serve you.

I spent some time with one of the smartest dudes I know, Donovan Goliath this week. Met him at Roast Cafe in Melrose Arch, which is actually his place. 

My dude put me onto his amazing menu and had some gifts for my curious palate(honey liqueur and dark mint chocolate)… much appreciated.

As always we had a long convo about all things creative and how to go about the business of creating content. What we’ve both concluded is that content can’t be far fetched. We forget about the social part of social media, that we’re all interested in each other, so why act? Why be outside of yourself?

Your life is so interesting, your interests are so intriguing, your opinion is valued and your outlook could be so helpful. Of course you’re not for everyone, but we give the people who don’t enjoy us far too much power… let’s focus on those who enjoy us.

Donovan and I are now both in a space where we don’t let money dictate, not because we have it, but because of the self-belief that focusing on passion will eventually be fruitful. Your heart has to be in a good place at work,you have to enjoy what you do in order to remain creative.

Focus on the things you enjoy… see you at CafeTibz