Starting how you finish

Cafe Tibz, Showlove, tibz

Basketball analogies will always be a part of my life. The way I’ve always played ball, is how I generally carry myself in life. 

I try to play a simple game, but I know that you have to showcased some flair from time to time. I believe in putting the team first, but I know that sometimes I have to be the star and the hero.

In basketball we talk about, “finishing strong”. This is an approach to how you score and of course how you keep pushing hard for a win at the end of a game.

I recently heard a basketball commentator shout, “early offense is easy offense”. I understand this because we have this approach to the new year that makes us believe that we have so much time. I’m all for new goals,targets and taking a step back to plan and execute properly, but we must be weary of complacency.

I’m happy that our January was intense as always. We did a lot of press for Showlove and CafeTibz last week in Cape Town and we executed our best one yet.

So we’re early on our offense because we’re going to be quiet in a few months while working on the new Showlove Music project. I feel I’m ready to do music again, perhaps all the music I vibe to while cooking, is inspiring me.

Thank you for your continuous support of TMG and myself.

All love