Take Her To Nice

Nice - Parkhurst Logo

I’m a fan of long lunches and Parkhurst is the best for that. I’m also the Sunday breakfast over the papers kind of guy, so it’s cool when I find spots where I can do all of that.


I’m naturally an observer and like being close to the street, but the option to hide definitely helps.


I decided to take a lady friend to Nice in Parkhurst. Out of her comfort zone to a place that feel very cosy and homely. A place that feels like you’re at your favourite aunt’s house and you’re getting all the attention.


They serve the best all day breakfast but I decided on bacon,avo and mozzarella on panini, she chose the medium rare steak coupled with the “orange vodka”… No disappointments, great chats and she’ll be back.


Their menu doesn’t drift too much and I’m yet to sample their pasta… But trust me I will.

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