The Future(AuGold)


I often read tweets and statements about game changers. Not to knock anyone’s hustle, but I have a different approach.

I believe that when you change your situation and the situation of those around you, there is a ripple effect and the game will change.

In order for your situation to change, there has to be risk. I’m constantly changing my situation… Always talking risks and it’s time for another one.

I have made a personal commitment that come August 2017, I will only mess with products/concepts that I own and that my people own. It’s time to take the steps and to back ourselves. We have the networks and experience… Let’s be brave.

The products that we don’t own, must BUY into our concepts… Obviously for mutual benefit. It’s time to change our situation.

I’m very proud that AuGold is now here. It is the present and future. It will not disappoint you… Looks amazing, tastes amazing, South African and here to represent us to the world.