Tilt the scales


I often speak about the value that we have to offer brands if we wish to work with them. This is usually in regard to the questions I get about sponsorship and brand campaigns.

It’s important to be aware of whether or not a brand adds value to you now or your vision. What leverage do you have to have them adapt to your plan?

In an age of influencers, we tag all these brands on our social media and gather data because we assume that they’ll be loyal to us. Truth is, the social media department/agency of a brand often sit so far from the people who make the overall decisions. They definitely aren’t sitting with the accounts departments and CFOs.

Exclusivity is an expensive word. Brands demand it, but often aren’t will to pay for it. Influencers give it up so easily and then are shocked when other brands won’t touch them. We have to be smarter… we must tilt the scales in our favour.

Be smart… don’t be greedy… don’t be a brand slut… and stop giving it up to them for cheap. If you’re in bed with a brand, push for long term, push for your creative input, don’t just tweet and post scripted shit.

Tilt the scales

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