So I’ve been having major issues with MTN. Firstly the phone I had on contract crashed. I went to their Nicolway store twice to sort a matter that they kept calling their call center for, to no assistance.

I was told to go get it fixed in Midrand but simply did not have the time and chose to use another phone in the interim. Further down the line, my bag is stolen with the contract phone in the bag. At this point my story actually sucks.

I proceeded to do everything that MTN Nicolway and Rosebank asked me to do in order to claim insurance. I was told a new device would be delivered to my home after I handed in all documentation, had the line blocked, opened a case, etc.

Yesterday I received an extremely rude phone call from Nandi Mthembu calling from insurance, making accusations and constantly interrupting me. I have requested the recording from her/them so I can take the matter under advice. This lady never even got to hear my story, because it didn’t interest her.

Now other than the inconvenience of not having my phone, I really don’t appreciate the fact that I’m still paying for a phone and line that I do not have and insurance that is basically not there to assist me.

All I want is what I pay for please.

The part that sucks the most about this story is while complaining to MTN yesterday about my situation via Twitter… My account was hacked and taken over. I’m writing this because I’m fortunate enough to have this platform. This blog is really about the things that I enjoy… Never to complain, but I have tried everything else.

All love