I’ve really enjoyed this local municipality campaign. It’s been really interesting to be involved in my way and to also witness others campaigning.

There’s been plenty banter and that’s a reflection of changing times… Our political parties have become more engaging. Social media and fashion have played their part and I love it.

There have been campaigning properties such as Reel Stuff which have raised a few eyebrows, but I believe that anything that sparks the conversation… Is good. I hope that on the day, people have registered and actually vote. That’s the most important part.

It’s really important to note that whatever party you are affiliated to, this is our country. When I vote, I’ll be thinking about where I choose to live over the next four years, the family that I hope to have, their safety, the convenience of roads, schools, etc… On the day, social media and banter won’t have a say.

Big up to all those that have registered, please vote tomorrow. Let’s be together.

All love